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Set of scalable microservices for token sales for a worldwide known sports clubs


Swiss-based Sports tech provider focusing on Video games, Esports, and Sports

In Detail

CML Team built a set of microservices that allow fans to support their clubs by buying club tokens. The first microservice works with Stripe and processes payments. The second one is a scalable and robust web3 integration that manages the organization's master wallets, controls club tokens, and provides a process of safety transferring tokens. Finally, a token builder serves for deploying and controlling tokens, including minting, burning, etc.


Design the solution's architecture, develop microservices, test, and run them in production




Node.js, Nest.js, Web3.js, Solidity, Hardhat, Binance Smart Chain, PostgreSQL

Client's review

Alex Honcharuk
The microservices that CML Team LTD built allowed the firm to scale much faster and win over new markets. The team managed the engagement well through agile and scrum methodologies. They created well-organized timelines and milestones. Their perfectionism enabled them to deliver a great product.
Alex HoncharukCTO
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