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A Real Estate Platform that allows users to access all the information about projects and properties available on the platform with just one click. Clients can purchase properties or invest in real estate projects using the security and transparency of blockchain technology, along with transaction certification using NFTs.


MiActivo, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Madrid, Spain, specializes in providing comprehensive solutions to financial institutions for efficient asset management. Their services include portfolio management, risk analysis, regulatory compliance, etc.


In Detail

Our team has been focused on continuously improving the system during our collaboration. We have reworked existing features and implemented new ones from scratch. Some of the notable enhancements include: • Blockchain explorer • Flexible user roles and different levels of access • Comprehensive notification system • Increased the email delivery rate percentage • Token calculations • Currency converter • Purchasing investor tokens using cryptocurrency and USD • Separate balances (wallets) for each project • Completely redesigned user interface and other features. We are working on the project to make the next version more user-friendly and appealing to our customers. Stay tuned for updates! If you have any questions or ideas about your product that you would like us to implement, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are open to feedback and suggestions.




Node.js, Nest.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, React.js, TypeORM, PostgreSQL, Ethers.js, Namecheap, DigitalOcean, GitHub actions

An online graphic engine for developers that allows buyers to choose the house they want, try different options, create the most suitable configuration, check the final a...

Decentralized leverage trading platform using liquidity from collateral lending platforms like Compound and Aave instead of funding rate and margin markets.

The digital ecosystem is designed to connect two elements of fan engagement: the fan app and fan tokens.