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Decentralized leverage trading platform using liquidity from collateral lending platforms like Compound and Aave instead of funding rate and margin markets.


US-based leverage trading platform. It is a DAO that functions as a utility token by providing incentives for platform users and liquidity providers.

In Detail

Users can stake their FODL tokens single-sided or dual-sided on both networks Ethereum and Polygon. FODL is distributed to boost the rewards of the underlying collateral lending platforms.


Developed new components for input and output of different user data, including statistics and the chart of the currency exchange rates. Improved the performance of the Stop Loss/Take profits and Anti-liquidation bots. Developed a new algorithm that optimizes payments to the Flashbot. Ongoing participation in frontend and smart-contracts development.


United States


JavaScript/TypeScript, Angular, Ethers.js, MetaMask & WalletConnect, Web3Modal, Node.js, Solidity, Hardhat, solidity-coverage, OpenZeppelin, Transparent Proxy, Chai

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