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We have developed a warehouse that processes data from hundreds of North America and Europe real estate providers.


The platform for the world's market-leading independent residential brokerages in over 80 countries, with 600 firms and 150K sales associates producing over 1 million global transactions annually.

In Detail

The Warehouse is a robust and flexible backend solution that gathers information from widespread data providers such as ListHub, Apimo, and individual brokers, converting all text data to the RESO format and optimizing the images for further use on the web portal. A user can easily add a new data provider or remove an unnecessary one. A flexible list of filters allows for skipping inappropriate buildings or flats. The system enables one to find a particular estate quickly or run analytical queries through a large amount of data. The WareHouse can become a data source for another system. In this case, a user must set up the data conversion rules or provide a specific plugin.


United States


Java, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, JDBC, Liquibase, Go, AWS EC2, Lambda Function, AWS (S3, RDS, RedShift), Amazon QuickSight, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, MySQL, FTP, REST API

A Real Estate Platform that allows users to access all the information about projects and properties available on the platform with just one click.

An online graphic engine for developers that allows buyers to choose the house they want, try different options, create the most suitable configuration, check the final a...

Property Management System for Landlords.