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Tool for managing and automating the Finance processes using spreadsheets (Excel and Google Sheets).


A Berlin-based startup backed by leading investors and finance veterans with a global mission to supercharge spreadsheets with state-of-the-art technology and design

In Detail

It is a tool for managing and automating spreadsheets 99% of all companies worldwide use MS Excel or Google Sheets. Yet, managing spreadsheet processes is painful. The solution helps to build strategies on top of existing spreadsheets: no more email ping pong, manual copy-pasting, and manual backups. CFO can easily adjust the permission levels of various sub-managers to different parts of the data using a web app with rich UI. Each sub-manager can submit changes to the business case using Google Sheets Add-on. CFO can accept or reject the changes and roll back any past business case revision.




Java, Spring Boot, React.js, Google App Script, Google Drive API, ELK

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