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BISON is a crypto trading platform showing the crypto world's beauty. Customers can conduct stock and cryptocurrency transactions. The platform allows instantly and effortlessly managing clients' trading by setting up triggers such as decreasing or increasing the price. Clients stay informed about the conditions of the crypto market.


Börse Stuttgart is a stock exchange in Germany, the second largest in the country and the ninth largest in Europe.

In Detail

BISON shows you the beauty of the crypto world without any complicated processes. You can instantly and effortlessly buy and sell Bitcoin & Co. while keeping up with social media buzz. You’ll stay on top of your investments and be informed about the conditions of the crypto market. During the ongoing collaboration, we helped BISON’s team develop and bring to fruition the Bison app - a web application for buying and selling cryptocurrencies offered by a traditional stock exchange. Meeting all the functional, security, and safety requirements are crucial for this project. We successfully achieved these goals and passed the internal tests and independent security audits. The current version of Bison works with a wide range of exchanges and provides all the necessary features set, such as: • buying both stock and cryptocurrencies • stock and ETFs trading • calculation of the trade volumes • customized price alerts • technical and sentiment indicators • KYC verification And we’re still working on the new features to extend the product’s functionality.




.Net, Microservices, React.js, Redux, Redux-Observable, Redux-Saga, Redux-Persist, Recharts, React-ApexCharts, Formik, Semantic-UI, TypeScript, JavaScript

Client's review

Miha Grcar
Since CML Team LTD joined the project, the first version was successfully launched. They are dedicated and talented, assisting with every issue and client inquiry. Moreover, the team uses scrum methodology for project management, constantly communicating with the client about the progress.
Miha GrcarManaging Director & Co-Founder, Sowa Labs GmbH
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