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End-to-end development of the insurance products marketplace.


EZChoice is an online financial comparison site in Vietnam. Compare insurance products from the best companies on the market: Health insurance, Comprehensive Car/Bike Insurance, and Car/Bike Liability Insurance. Find, compare quotes, and buy the cheapest insurance in one place.


In Detail

EZChoice helps clients compare and select insurance products that are becoming more diverse in the market.


Developed an administration platform and the calculation model to choose insurance products and their prices (Health, Car Liability, and Comprehensive Car Insurance). Integrated the platform with TOP-3 insurance companies. Implemented PDF files generation module to send orders to the insurance companies Created custom web camera to capture car’s photos. Integrated the platform with the most popular e-wallet in Vietnam (MOMO). Performed bug fixes and production issues troubleshooting.




Java, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Liquibase, React.js (Hooks, Touter, Hooks-Router), Typescript, Thymeleaf, ELK, Hibernate, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, AWS, Jenkins, RedShift, Amazon QuickSight, Javascript, REST API

Client's review

Oleksii Bogachov
CML Team LTD successfully introduced the product to the market. The engagement allowed the client to create a new business configuration and re-launch the application. Not only did they regularly communicate with the client, but they also used their expertise to support the project's success.
Oleksii BogachovCTO
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