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The project aims to bring the metaverse experience to real estate investing. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain and connects to the real world in a way that some real estate entities also provide money to the system.


The USA-based company runs the pioneering Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) commercial real estate and cryptocurrency platform.

In Detail

The metaverse style visual is a real-time depiction of investments in real property or properties. The owners can construct buildings on their land and reap offline and online benefits from renting them out. Users of the DAO can participate in voting and play a role in city life by selecting the government of the decentralized autonomous organization and making other decisions on and off the blockchain. The solution provides: • 3D virtual space • Users can create buildings and lease them using NFTs • Different nested NFTs with a randomly generated avatar • The metaverse is KYC-compliant • Users can create, buy, and sell nested NFTs and internal tokens • Payments can be made using Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies • Everyone can create polls and vote according to their level in the system • Internal lottery, which provides an additional benefit for platform users


United States


Node.js, TypeScript, Next.js, Ethers.js, Apache Kafka, PostgreSQL, TypeForm, Redis, IPFS, AWS

A Real Estate Platform that allows users to access all the information about projects and properties available on the platform with just one click.

An online graphic engine for developers that allows buyers to choose the house they want, try different options, create the most suitable configuration, check the final a...

GM Dynasty is a play-to-earn digital football management game. Owners earn through competitive play or by owning in-game assets.