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The smart contracts for the Flexible Liquidity Farming investor service


Bloxmove - working to create a worldwide decentralized and collaborative urban mobility alliance alongside an efficient green energy reality using blockchain technology.

In Detail

Treasury smart contract is part of the client’s investing system that facilitates the ability to channel token supply and demand in a measured, reliable, and mutually beneficial manner for the client and investors, providing rewards for liquidity farming, staking, and bridging between chains. TSC itself controls tokens distribution among possible investment instruments and retrieves tokens back to give the investors their funds and additional rewards.


Feasibility analysis and development of the primary smart contract helped the client’s team to test and integrate the smart contract into their solution




Solidity, Hardhat, ethers.js, Waffle, UUPS upgradability, solidity-coverage, Chai

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Set of scalable microservices for token sales for a worldwide known sports clubs