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Decentralized platform that enables transactions between businesses in the travel industry. The protocol reduces costs associated with verifying, accounting for, and exchanging information. The platform also allows businesses to offer rewards to customers in the form of points, miles, or discounts.


BloXmove was incubated within the Daimler group, the inventors of the car as well as car sharing (Car2Go), over a period of more than 3 years. The bloXmove founders then joined the Outlier Ventures acceleration program.

In Detail

We've developed a new smart contract that allows users to take benefits and earn funds by placing their tokens in liquidity pools of 3rd-party liquidity providers. We have developed a multi-level smart contract that optimized user investments by searching for optimally profitable liquidity pools, considering the division of the initial investment amount between several liquidity providers. The key feature of this smart contract is also the funding hub, with a cash buffer, which optimizes the payment for network gas, reducing transfer fees from 30% to 70% on average. Let's take a closer look at our solution: • investment smart contract • smart distribution of tokens among numerous liquidity pools for maximum profitability from investments • internal funding hub to optimize network gas fees • complete cycle tracking user transactions • transparent calculation and statistics of accrual of profit • contracts with a fixed investment term and open-ended contracts




Solidity, Hardhat, ethers.js, Waffle, UUPS upgradability, solidity-coverage, Chai

Blockpit provides a variety of instruments to cover all the user's needs and ensure reliability and the best user experience.

BISON is a crypto trading platform showing the crypto world's beauty. Customers can conduct stock and cryptocurrency transactions.

The digital ecosystem is designed to connect two elements of fan engagement: the fan app and fan tokens.