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Aurlix is a next-generation crypto trading platform that uses advanced software to move quickly in rapidly moving markets.


The company is based in Australia and offers data, charting, analytics, and streaming news sentiment from over 120+ exchanges.

In Detail

Aurlix reached out to our team because they were looking for experienced developers who could develop a trading framework for rapidly moving markets. That is how our partnership began. The CML team revealed that professional indicators, flexible workspaces, and useful widgets allow for creating a truly customizable user interface. We also developed: • interactive charts that work in real-time, • analytics tools, • data processing, • integration with third-party APIs.




Node.js, Express.js,, Mocha, Chai, ccxt, cryptojs, Angular, Rxjs, NgRx, SSR, TypeScript, MaterialUI,, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, TimescaleDB.

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