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Mobile app for travelers on hybrid React Native framework.


Travelot is a travelers app based on location and crowd wisdom. Currently available to Israeli travelers.

In Detail

With Travelot, you will automatically join the travel community at any destination you reach. At any tourist destination, the app will connect you to similar travelers in the area and allow you to exchange information, produce and participate in joint activities, and receive important alerts and discounts from local businesses. Researching, designing, implementing, testing, and evaluating new features. Identifying areas for refactoring and developing modifications. Third-party APIs integrations. Deployment to App Store and Google Play.




React Native, Undux, Javascript, Firebase Cloud Messaging, Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Storage, Firebase Authentication, Firebase Analytics, Firebase Crashlytics, and Segment Analytics tool

The smart apps builder tool lets customers create apps that connect the physical world with a smartphone.

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