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The app is a versatile software-defined radio platform, providing beamforming and radio direction-finding capabilities. It enables asset monitoring, HAM radio activities, rescue mission assistance, and pioneering radio astronomy studies.


KrakenRF Inc. is a dynamic USA-based hardware startup with offices in Chicago, IL, and Auckland, New Zealand. The company aims to revolutionize the industry by offering affordable, powerful, and accessible phase-coherent software-defined radios.

In Detail

The solution integrates an Android application that communicates with the KrakenSDR hardware over Wi-Fi, acquiring bearing data relative to the antenna array. The app calculates the estimated bearing to the transmitter by utilizing the built-in GPS to determine the device's location and the GPS or compass sensors to ascertain the direction of movement. This bearing is plotted on a map from the current GPS position, guiding users toward the transmitter. We continuously improve and upgrade the Android application as part of our ongoing collaboration. To date, we have carried out a Mapbox migration, rebranded the app, upgraded it to be compatible with Android 13, and now we’re developing an Augmented Reality (AR) feature to display a radio heatmap. Our focus remains to deliver the app's next version to the market, aiming to bring satisfaction and added value to our end-users. If you need a custom mobile application - we are committed to delivering top-notch solutions tailored to your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


New Zealand


Kotlin, Java, Mapbox SDK, Swift

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