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Click and Collect is a platform where store owners can upload their products, and shoppers can place orders online through the mobile app. Store employees gather and prepare the products for pickup and notify the consumer when the order is ready.


FYNTS - browse your favorite stores and get inspired by current trends in your area.

In Detail

FYNTS is a marketplace that aims to simplify the sale and purchase process of physical goods in your local stores.




React Native, Java, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Google Cloud, PostgreSQL, Git, GitLab CI/CD, Firebase (Authentication, Storage), Docker, REST API, Google Maps API

Client's review

Guntram Kieferle
We are happy with CML Team’s work even though quantitative metrics aren’t available yet. The team has managed the engagement well, meeting deadlines and budgets transparently. In addition, their people are highly responsive and provide solutions to the company whenever they face challenges.
Guntram KieferleCo-Founder, FYNTS
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