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Operational management services to establish processes for working with clients on support.


Arcsec Digital – a digital agency in the US, which helps with innovation for businesses in Logistics, Healthcare, and Enterprise domains.

In Detail

The primary challenge was reducing the time between ticket reception and resolution, as sometimes it took up to eight hours. This delay led to a negative customer experience. Another area for improvement was the overwhelming flow of incoming tasks, leading to uneven workload distribution among team members and exceeding designated time limits by up to 140%, which hurt both the company and the team. We took a systematic approach. The first step was to identify the root cause of the long customer support time. Firstly, we analyzed the existing customer support process and identified a couple of bottlenecks, including the impossibility of predicting how much time will consume that or another task, unclear acceptance criteria, and others. We established a new step-by-step flow of transferring tasks from the client to the developers, along with the estimation, and provided regular feedback to the team. This helped the team to stay on track and avoid over-fulfillment. All flows of incoming tasks from all clients were collected in one Jira project, where they were supplemented with all the necessary descriptions, accesses, clarifications, and checklists. Only in this form were the tasks submitted for approval of time and execution. In just three months of work, we never exceeded the assigned time frame and, on average, achieved an 80-90% loadout, a significant improvement from the previous over-fulfillment rate. The average time of taking to work (for supported customers) also decreased to 2h. As a result, we solved the problem of over-delivery, which was reflected in the company's profit and, importantly, in the awareness of customers about the progress of completing tasks.


United States


Jira, HelpDesk, SCRUM, Agile, Automation, Canva, Business Process Reengineering

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