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Centralized storage system for medical research and clinical trial data associated with clinics and medical facilities worldwide.


A multinational healthcare company that operates worldwide ($250B+ capitalization)

In Detail

We made the architecture and backend for the app that centrally stores medical data and clinical trials. This app lets clients make plans for drugs or treatments for clinical trials, set them up, and organize the data in a format that is easy to use. The datasets that are put together meet the best standards in the industry and can be sent to other research organizations quickly. The microservices of the project communicate with each other, external sources make requests, and access to sensitive information is tightly controlled according to the security standards of European medical institutions MyHealth@EU. A crucial component is high fault tolerance and maintaining service availability at 99.9% per year, with almost complete coverage of tests of the entire application infrastructure. Key features: • Fault-tolerant architecture and integration with a bunch of other services (10+) • Step by step creating data blueprint for clinical trials and treatments • System of levels of access to sensitive information • Creation of data sets in a convenient format for further work with them in other applications • Protection of medical data according to MyHealth@EU standards • 80+% test coverage as a baseline




Java, Spring Boot, MongoDB, gRPC, Keycloak, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, ArgoCD, SonarQube

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