How to start gaining from blockchain adoption


Oleksii Skurikhin

Time to read

2 min

October 5, 2022

1.1 Define your user personas

Before writing a single line of code, we must understand who our end-users are. For example, a young single mom can behave differently than lone older adults or large families. So just define the list of the most popular groups of consumers or employees whatsoever and create at least one persona for each of them.

There could be different characteristics. Just make this list not so big:

  • Name
  • Generation
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Hobbies
  • Aspiration
  • Paint points
  • Profession or role in your company
  • Education
  • Familiarity with blockchain
  • Attitude to the potential changes
  • Leaders they follow

Understanding these things will help create the best product for all these people and increase the chances of a successful product launch and absorption.

1.2 Discovery phase and proof of concept
Before spending money on the development, we can run the discovery phase and determine which minimum functionality must be implemented to validate the original idea.

We can define minimal deliverables and develop the proof of concept just for testing purposes with the group of potential end-users. There is always a place to pivot and change the original idea drastically.

1.3 Build an MVP

After the previous phase, we can go further and build a Minimum Viable Product that can be delivered to the customers.