How to outsource programming in 2023: A comprehensive guide for startups


Oleksii Skurikhin

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April 18, 2023

As a startup founder in today's rapidly changing times, you might be overwhelmed by the numerous tasks that arise after your brilliant idea comes to mind. The most important ones include testing your idea and bringing value to your end-users as soon as possible. Outsourcing software development could be the most suitable solution in such cases, especially if you lack expertise in development or don't have enough time to manage this process due to your main business.

In this easy guide, we'll help you explore outsourcing programming for your startup, showing you how to start, pick a good partner, and dodge common mistakes new entrepreneurs make.

First, let's define what you can outsource:

  • Developing the entire app from start to finish could be both mobile and web applications. See more about our SDLC.
  • Specific tasks include UI/UX design services, DevOps services, or developing any part of your software product.
  • Requesting a company to provide you with a reliable programmer to join your team as an outstaff specialist or consultant.

Unlocking the Power of Outsourcing for Your Startup

Outsourcing programming is a significant part of the IT industry. In 2023, it's anticipated that the IT outsourcing segment will generate a whopping US$430 billion in revenue (source). Even big companies like Google have recognized the benefits of outsourcing programming tasks. These benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced costs.
  • Quick access to specialized skills without investing in training or hiring new staff.
  • Established and automated business processes and workflows.
  • Increased flexibility, allowing you to scale your arrangement as needed without worrying about hiring or firing staff.
  • Reduced risks associated with staffing and operations, including turnover, training, and compliance.

And more

How to Maximize the Benefits of Outsourcing Programming

We'll provide a guide to help you with everything from choosing the best vendor to launching your product, aiming to ensure a great experience for your startup's partnership with an outsourcing company.

Define the Most Suitable Employment Model

If you are ready to manage the whole process or already have an established team, hire one or more outstaff developers to augment your team. This approach requires more time from you to describe tasks and manage the process, but you won't have to pay for an external manager.

Another popular model is hiring a dedicated team with developers, project managers, QA specialists, designers, and other team members on board. Depending on your expertise, you can discuss and select the necessary team members. If you hire a team, you must choose the most appropriate model, such as Time & Materials or Fixed Price.

Specify Your Business Needs

If you only need to augment your team, identify your requirements for each team member, such as programming languages and tools. If you want to hire a team, define a project description with a shortlist of features to help you communicate with the outsourcing company.

Choose a Country to Outsource

Outsourcing companies are located in different countries, allowing you to find the perfect fit. Consider factors like cost, language, cultural compatibility, and time zone. Eastern Europe is a popular region because developers have a good English level and excellent hard and soft skills that enable them to work with team members from different countries.

Make a List of Potential Partners

Now you can move on to defining a shortlist of companies based on your requirements and preferred location. Using platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms is a simple way to find potential partners, as these platforms provide lists of companies with verified reviews from real customers. Additionally, take your time to conduct Google research and investigate company websites to check their portfolios. If a company has already completed projects like yours - they can likely do it faster and with less risk than their competitors. Once you're confident that a company suits your needs, contact them with an inquiry about their services.

Conduct Interviews

After examining past projects and client feedback, ensuring that the company has a solid track record in managing the required IT services, it's time to arrange interviews with shortlisted candidates to assess their hard and soft skills. The management team represents the company, so pay attention to their focus. Good service companies are centered on bringing value to your projects, so expect many questions, particularly if you haven't provided detailed requirements upfront.

If a company just gives you a rate card without asking questions, be careful, as it may lead to misunderstandings down the road.

If you need developers but don't have tech experts around, it could be a good idea to hire developer from another company just to o the interview or look up popular interview questions online and ask a couple during your search. You can compare the answers and pay attention to how developers communicate with you and whether they are confident in their responses.

Hire the Company

When you've found the perfect match, prepare an agreement with your lawyers or use an agreement from the service company. Remember that both parties have had various positive and negative experiences, so a well-drafted agreement is crucial for successful collaboration. Moreover, if an outsourcing company has a well-prepared agreement, can provide accurate estimations and explanations, and their documents have a user-friendly interface, these factors serve as additional reassurance that you've made the right decision.


By following this comprehensive guide, you can effectively navigate the world of programming outsourcing for your startup. Outsourcing has lots of advantages, like saving money, reaching global experts fast, easily scaling, and cutting down risks. By carefully choosing the right partner, specifying your business needs, and actively participating, you can ensure a successful collaboration that brings your startup's vision to life.

You've come to the right place if you're searching for a proficient outsourcing company catering to your business's diverse IT service requirements. With years of experience delivering global programming services to businesses, we're equipped to assist you with any emerging IT-related needs.

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