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Native iOS & Android apps for landlords with access to most features accessible in the REM Property Management System


Anlit Technologies LLC is a successful IT company in multiple domains, with headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska

In Detail

Mr. Juan Pulido, a founder of Anlit Technologies, has invested significantly in dozens of real estate properties. Knowing what kind of challenges and routines the customers and landlords experience daily, he came up with the brilliant idea of organizing all the individual puzzles together to ease the problem of real estate management. The tenant mobile app was implemented to submit maintenance tickets, manage payments, and communicate with the landlord.


Design and full cycle development of iOS and Android apps for landlords and tenants


United States


Swift, Xcode, TestFlight, Kotlin, Android Studio, Material UI, AWS S3, SendGrid, Twilio, ELK (Kibana, ElasticSearch), PostgreSQL

Map Tool / Drawing Toolkit / SaaS suite for the Real Estate industry

We have developed a warehouse that processes data from hundreds of real estate providers in North America and Europe

Property Management System for landlords