International Payment Aggregator

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The international payment system makes it easier for businesses and consumers to access financial services which are reliable all over the world.


Our client is under NDA. They are a global financial company that provides various financial and related services. Their primary services include international transfers with low fees and managing all clients' money in one multi-currency account.

In Detail

It was necessary to develop a backend that would provide reliable and fault-tolerant solutions for cash pickups, euro transfers outside the EEA, international currency transfers, and integrations with other national payment and banking systems. During our long-term collaboration with the client, the CML team builds the solution based on the new technologies but integrated with classic legacy FinTech components. We also had to solve the problem of coordinating the interaction of different processing systems in other countries within one financial flow, taking into account all the high-security standards of the FinTech industry. • integration of various local payment systems from different regions and countries • work with secure data transfer protocols • handling international payments • migration of legacy product modules to new technologies • integration with reporting and accounting banking systems • integration of single-window gateway




PHP7+, Symfony Framework, SOAP, REST, SFTP, mTLS, MySQL, RabbitMQ, Docker, Supervisord, React.js, Newrelic, Sentry, Grafana.

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